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Alcohol and Entertainment - Club Premises Certificate

Clubs are organisations where members have joined together for particular social, sporting or political purposes - they commonly include Labour, Conservative and Liberal Clubs, the Royal British Legion, other ex-services clubs, working men's clubs, miners welfare institutions, social and sports clubs.

Such private members clubs must be licensed with a Club Premises Certificate issued by the Council where any licensable activities are to take place, including the supply of alcohol to members and guests and/or the provision of regulated entertainment.

A Club Premises Certificate is a specific type of licensing authorisation, available only to members clubs. A certificate can authorise a club to carry on a combination of the following activities:

·       the supply of alcohol by the club to club members;

·       the sale of alcohol by the club to bona fide guests of members; and

·       the provision of regulated entertainment (including plays, films, certain types of sports, music and dancing).

Club Premises Certificates offer several benefits to clubs over a Premises Licences, including the absence of a requirement to specify a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). Certificates are also exempt from some of the immediate closure powers available to the Police.

Club Premises Certificates only allow activities to be carried on for club members and their guests - they cannot be used for events which are open to the general public, nor for the hire of the club facilities to non-members for private functions. If the club wishes to run such events, either a Temporary Event Notice (for one-off events) or a Premises Licence (for regular events) must be held.

Club Premises Certificate - Qualifying Clubs

A club wishing to hold a Club Premises Certificate must satisfy a number of criteria, set out within the licensing legislation. These criteria include the following:

·       The club must have a formal membership system, with a period of at least two days between nomination/application for membership and admission as a member;

·       The club must have at least 25 members; and

·       The club must be established and conducted 'in good faith as a club'.


Further criteria apply if the club wishes to supply alcohol:

·       Alcohol is to be supplied on the club's premises by (or on behalf of) the club only;

·       The club must have an elected committee to oversee the purchase of alcohol, made up of adult members of the club; and

·       No individual is to receive any benefit from making arrangements for the supply of alcohol on behalf of the club, unless the benefit is to the club as a whole.

Miners institutes, friendly societies and industrial & provident societies may be subject to different conditions to those set out above - please contact the Council's Licensing Team for further information.

When assessing whether a club is conducted in good faith, a number of matters will be considered, including details of how the club purchases alcohol, shares information about its finances with its members, and controls its property and money.

These criteria will first be assessed during the initial application period, and then at regular intervals after a certificate has been granted, to ensure that the club continues to meet the requirements. The Licensing Authority has the power to withdraw a certificate if a club fails to meet all of the criteria.

How Long is a Club Premises Certificate Valid?

A Club Premises Certificate has effect until the certificate is revoked, suspended or surrendered.

 What if the Club Wishes to Provide Gaming Machines at the Club Premises?

There are strict rules governing the type of alcohol licensed premises that may provide gaming machines ('fruit machines'). The grant of an alcohol Club Premises Certificate will not automatically entitle the Club to provide gaming machines. A separate gaming authorisation must be obtained from the Licensing Authority in order to provide gaming machines. Application forms and guidance literature are available by contacting the Licensing Team (email