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Competitive Bidding

The Council requires any premises or stall used for the holding of auctions and other sales by competitive bidding to hold a competitive bidding registration.

This requirement applies to any auctions featuring any plate, plated articles, linen, china, glass, books, prints, furniture, personal or household articles, jewellery, musical instruments or scientific apparatus.

When considering an application for registration the Council will take into account the suitability of the premises or stall for conducting auctions. The Council may refuse to register certain premises if the premises (or stall) are considered unsuitable for conducting the sale of goods by competitive bidding or the application/occupier is considered unsuitable.

When considering an application for registration particular attention will be given to:

·       the physical suitability of the premises/stall;

·       whether the intended use of the premises/stall is likely to cause nuisance;

·       whether the premises/stall has previously been used to conduct auctions otherwise than in good faith; and

·       whether the applicant, occupier or proprietor of the premises/stall is a fit and proper person to be concerned in the conduct or management of auctions.

Exempt from registration with the Council are any sales wholly (or substantially wholly) for the purpose of assisting the funds of a voluntary organisation.

The relevant application form for registration can be found at the bottom of this webpage. The completed application form must be accompanied by the current fee for a 5-year registration.

This Authority's standard conditions, in relation to competitive bidding registration, and further information (including the application fee) can be found detailed in the application form.