Local Land Charges

We maintain a register known as the Local Land Charges Register and carry out searches of the Local Land Charge register. We also respond to applications for the Local Authority Searches submitted by solicitors and conveyances as part of the house buying process.

The search, which is in two parts (LLC1 and CON29 Forms), is usually requested by solicitors or licensed conveyancers, although private individuals or organisations can also apply for them.

Full details of all our search fees can be found below on this webpage.

The content of a Local Authority Search consists of five main areas:

  • Local Land Charge Registrations
  • Planning permissions history
  • Building Control history
  • Highways status and proposed works
  • Environmental Health notices

A Local Authority Search is your assurance that there are no outstanding issues or restrictions that may affect the property that you are buying or your subsequent use and enjoyment of that property.

Details of our current fees and charges in relation to official Local Authority Searches can be found detailed below.

Our Local Land Charges Team operates in accordance with the "Good Practice Guidance for Local Authorities and Personal Searchers" issued in January 2008. A copy of the good practice guidance can be found on Gov.uk.

Local Land Charges - Fees and Charges

Details of our fees and charges can be found in the document at the bottom of this webpage.

How Do I Submit a Search Request?

Searches can be submitted in a number of ways:

Please submit the official forms such as the LLC1 and CON29, together with a good quality plan with the boundaries of the property clearly marked.

Payments to the Local Land Charges Team can be made by cheque or by debit or credit via telephone on 01507 613006.

CON29 Component Data

Access to Information for the CON29R - Enquiries of Local Authority Form

In complying with Government guidance issued in January 2008, this Council is committed to providing access to all publicly available records held by the Council and all unrefined data required to complete the CON29R enquiries of the Local Authority form.

Some of the CON29 information is held on public registers (e.g. the Planning Register) or by other authorities (e.g. the Highways Department of Lincolnshire County Council). Further information on where such information can be obtained is available in our guidance leaflet available from the Local Land Charges Team.

CON29R Information That is Not Publicly Available

The information needed to answer the following CON29R questions that are not held publicly are:

  • 1.1(J) (K) (L) Building Regulations
  • 3.3 Drainage Matters
  • 3.5 Railway Schemes
  • 3.7 Outstanding notices
  • 3.8 Contravention of building regulations
  • 3.9(J) (K) Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under Planning Acts
  • 3.11(B) Unimplemented Conservation Areas
  • 3.12 Compulsory Purchase
  • 3.13 Contaminated land
  • 3.15 Assets of Community Value

How to apply for a CON29R Component Data (EIR)

The non-public data (held by this Authority) in relation to questions 3.3, 3.5, 3.9(K), 3.10, 3.11(B) and 3.15 can be found by following the instructions in the 'EIR Requests' document at the foot of this webpage.

Under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) if you wish to inspect the remaining non -public data (held by this Authority) needed for a CON29R please make a written application (using the form supplied by the Local Land Charges Team). The application should include the following:

  • The full address of the property required (including post code)
  • Plan of the property/land in question clearly marked at 1250 or 2500 scale
  • The numbers of the CON29R questions required.