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If we seize a stray dog fees may be incurred for kennel costs, veterinary charges and possibly a Fixed Penalty Notice depending on the circumstances.

Statutory Fee

If the Dog Warden seizes your dog when it has strayed, you will be charged £45 prior to the dog being returned to your care.


For every day or part of a day your dog spends in kennels, you will be charged £11.00.

Veterinary Fees

If your dog is collected as a stray on most occasions it will be vaccinated for its own protection. The owner of the dog will be liable for this charge. If your dog is involved in an accident and needs urgent medical attention you may also incur any veterinary fees that are required.

Fixed Penalty Notices

The Dog Warden and other authorised officers are able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for fouling. These are currently charged at £100. For more information on fouling please visit our Dog Fouling page