We welcome petitions and recognise that they are an opportunity for you to make us aware of your concerns. We will acknowledge all petitions within ten days of receipt.

Any petition containing 50 validated signatures by those who live or work within the District will be accepted by the Council and we shall respond in accordance with Council Procedure Rules 31.2 and 31.3 subject to the petition not being inadmissible on account of it being vexatious, defamatory, or concerning a live licensing/planning matter, or a complaint that has been or is being processed by the Council or the Local Government Ombudsman, or relate to an officer of the Council.

If we are able to do what the petition asks, the acknowledgement will let you know that action has been taken and the petition will be closed. If the petition has enough signatures it will either be debated at Council, or forwarded for consideration by Overview Committee and this will also be confirmed in the acknowledgment will confirm this. We will also let you know when and where the meeting will take place. If the petition needs more investigation, we will tell you the steps we plan to take.

Details of any petitions received will be published online and you can find further information on the Petitions Scheme in our Constitution. You may wish to submit an ePetition

Petition received 05.11.18:'

'We, the undersigned, urge the elected representatives of East Lindsey District Council to save Sutton-on-Sea's colonnade and beach huts.'



Petition received 17.06.19

'Chapel St Leonards Residents Association'

Petition showing the support for a dedicated parking area for mobility scooters and cycles in the waste ground adjacent to the bus shelter in the bus terminus in Chapel Village.'