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Specialist Markets

Throughout the year many different events take place on East Lindsey Markets.

Please contact us on 01507 613532 for more information about any of the markets.

Horncastle Markets/Horncastle Festival Events

Thursday 12th January - Farmers' Market
Thursday 9th February - Farmers' Market
Thursday 9th March - Farmers' Market
Thursday 13th April - Farmers' Market
Thursday 11th May - Farmers' Market
Thursday 8th June - Farmers' Market
Thursday 13th July - Farmers' Market
Thursday 10th August - Farmers' Market
Thursday 14th September - Farmers' Market
Thursday 12th October - Farmers' Market
Thursday 9th November - Farmers' Market
Sunday 10th December - Horncastle Christmas Market (run by Horncastle Festivals)
Thursday 14th December - Farmers' Market

Farmers Markets & Louth Food Friday Dates 2023 (PDF) [707KB] (opens new window)

Contact Horncastle Festivals

Link to Teenage Market Event

Louth Markets/Louth Independent Traders' Events

Friday 13th January - Food Friday
Wednesday 25th January - Farmers' Market
Friday 10th February - Food Friday
Wednesday 22nd February - Farmers' Market
Friday 10th March - Food Friday
Wednesday 22nd March - Farmers' Market
Friday 14th April - Food Friday
Wednesday 26th April - Farmers' Market
Friday 12th May - Food Friday
Wednesday 24th May - Farmers' Market
Friday 9th June - Food Friday
Wednesday 28th June - Farmers' Market
Friday 14th July - Food Friday
Wednesday 26th July - Farmers' Market
Friday 11th August - Food Friday
Wednesday 23rd August - Farmers' Market
Friday 8th September - Food Friday
Wednesday 27th September - Farmers' Market
Friday 13th October - Food Friday
Wednesday 25th October - Farmers' Market
Friday 10th November - Food Friday
Wednesday 22nd November - Farmers' Market
Sunday 3 December - Louth Christmas Market (run by Louth Independent Traders)
Friday 8th December - Food Friday
Sunday 17th December - Louth Winter Sunday Market
Wednesday 20th December - Farmers' Market

Farmers Markets & Louth Food Friday Dates 2023 (PDF) [707KB] (opens new window)


Link to Louth Independent Traders' Website
Link to Zero Degrees' Website