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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains questions you may have about the Green Waste service.

How much will it cost for my bin to be emptied?
The annual fee is £50 per bin for 22 collections.

How do I renew my subscription?
You can renew your subscription by following the link to Green Waste Sign by following the link to Green Waste Sign Up.

Payment can be made by either credit or debit card.

What if I do not want to renew my subscription?
There is no obligation for you to renew your subscription. If we don't receive payment, your collections will stop at the end of March. You will then need to find an alternative way to dispose of your garden waste. You cannot put garden waste in either your refuse (black) or recycling (grey) bins.

Will more people fly tip as a result of the increased charge?
It is possible that fewer residents will subscribe to the service due to the price increase. We would hope that those that do not use the service will dispose of their garden waste responsibly. When the paid for green waste service was introduced we didn't experience an increase in the fly tipping of green waste and don't expect to now.

I do not want to subscribe to the service, how do I dispose of my green waste?
We would encourage home composting or you can take your green waste to one of the County Council's Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Alternatively, if you only have a small amount of green waste, consider sharing a bin with a neighbour to reduce the cost of collections.

I do not currently subscribe to the service, how can I sign up?

You can subscribe by following the link to Green Waste Sign Up.

Payment can be made by either credit or debit card.

When do I need to pay by?
Payment must be made prior to the end of February in order for you receive 22 collections in the year. If you pay after this date, we will endeavour to start collections as soon as possible but we cannot guarantee that you will receive the full 22 collections.

When I have signed up for the service, will you automatically debit £50 from my account each year until I opt out, or will I need to re-subscribe each year?
You will receive a reminder each year asking you to pay the following year's subscription.

Are there any concessions?
No. There is just one standard annual fee of £50.

Is there a discount if I want fewer collections - such as one a month?
No. The £50 is a standard annual charge.

If I join the scheme part way through a year is there a discount?
No. The service operates for a twelve month period between the months of April and March inclusive. You will only receive 22 collections if you sign up in time for collections to start in April. If you sign up at any other time, you will receive a reduced number of collections.

Note: Some collections will start at the end of March - subscribers need to check their calendars

What if I change my mind after I have signed up - will my money be refunded?
If you sign up and then change your mind before collection starts a full refund will be issued, subject to you returning any paperwork you have received. This is known as the 'cooling off period'. Once the collection service has started you can cancel the service at any time if you wish but no refund will be given.

If I move house outside of the district can I get a refund?
No. The £50 is a standard fee for all or part of a year and no refunds will be given outside the cooling off period.

When I sign up, what happens next?
Your payment will be processed and we will send you by post a bin sticker and a calendar. We will only empty your bin if it has a valid sticker on it.

What if I don't already have a bin?
The service is available to domestic properties that have somewhere to store a bin. If you do not already have a bin, you can buy one for a one-off cost of £27, which includes delivery.

Can I use my own bin?
No. Only bins which we have issued will be emptied.

Is it important where the sticker is placed on the bin?
Yes. The sticker must be firmly attached to the visible side of your bin, not on the lid.

What happens if my sticker is not received in time for my collection?
If you sign up prior to the end of February, we will send your sticker in time for the first collections. If you have not received it by the middle of March, please let us know.

If you sign up after the end of February, you will receive your sticker within 10 working days. If you do not receive your sticker within 10 working days, please let us know.

We will not empty bins that do not have a valid sticker on them. 

What happens if I lose my sticker or it becomes damaged?
Make sure your sticker is firmly attached to the visible side of your bin, not on the lid. If your sticker goes missing or it becomes damaged so that the validation details cannot be seen please contact us.

How often will my green waste bin be emptied?
There will be 22 collections between the months of April and March inclusive. We provide subscribers with a calendar which shows the days that their bin will be emptied.

Note: Some collections will start at the end of March - subscribers need to check their calendars

Can I have a bigger, or smaller, bin?
No. Only one size of bin is available - a 240litre bin.

Can I have more than one bin?
Yes. Each additional bins costs £27 plus the annual collection fee of £50 per bin.

You can order additional bins by following the link to Green Waste Sign Up.

Can I share a bin with my neighbour?
Yes. We would encourage the sharing of bins where people do not have enough waste to fill a bin themselves. This will be a local agreement between the two parties.

I work as part of an organisation which could use a green waste collection, but is not a domestic property. Can we use the service?
We do not collect from commercial properties, but other organisations, such as churches or community organisations can contact us to see if it can opt into the service.

I want to opt into the service but do not currently have a green bin. Can I still join?
Yes. Follow the link to Green Waste Sign Up and you will be able to sign up and purchase a bin at the same time. Bins cost £27 each plus the £50 service cost.

I live at a property which does not have a wheeled bin collection due to problems with access or steps so I am currently on a sack collection for my domestic and recycling waste - can I still have a green waste collection?
No. Unfortunately to take advantage of the green waste collection you must be able to accommodate a green waste bin. If you do not have room for a bin yourself, maybe talk to a neighbour and see if you can share a bin.

I have mobility issues that make it difficult to place my bin out. Can I still opt into the green waste service?
We provide an assisted collection service for householders that are unable to present their bin due to either disability or infirmity. This is only available when no one in the property can present the bin.

All applications for this service are fully assessed and will only be agreed when there is a genuine need for help.

How do you know to collect my bin once I have paid?
We provide you with a sticker to put on your bin when you have paid. Crews will only empty bins which have a valid sticker on them.

What will stop other people from swapping their bin with mine?
Your bin will have a sticker on with your address to show who it belongs to and that collection has been paid for.

What will happen if people present bins when they have not paid for collection?
Crews will only empty bins which have a valid sticker on them.

What can I put in my green bin?
Grass cuttings, leaves, plants, sticks, prunings and cut flowers.

Can I put bio-degradable sacks into my green bin?
No. Bags or sacks of any sort cannot be put into the green bin, even bio-degradable ones.

Can I put vegetable peelings into my green bin?
No. You can only put garden waste in your green bin. The Government has imposed strict conditions on large-scale composting sites and food waste cannot now be composted. Vegetable peelings and other uncooked vegetable waste should be put in your black bin for incineration or alternatively you can compost them yourself at home.

What happens if my bin lid will not close?
Due to the mechanical method used to empty the bin, the lid must be closed before it is emptied. If the lid is not fully closed, the bin will not be emptied. It will be your responsibility to sort out the contents so that the bin lid will close properly. It will then be emptied on the next scheduled day shown on your calendar.

What happens if I put unacceptable items in my bin?
Your bin could be refused collection.

What happens if my bin is too heavy?
A bin will hold a maximum weight of 80 kg however, bins which are considered too heavy for safe handling and emptying will not be emptied. It will be your responsibility to sort out the contents of the bin and reduce the weight so that it can be emptied safely. It will then be emptied on the next scheduled day shown on your calendar.

What happens if my bin is not fully emptied?
If the bin is too overly compacted or frozen, sometimes not all of the contents are emptied when the bin is tipped into the vehicle. If this occurs, we will not make a special call back to empty the bin. You must loosen the materials which remain in the bin and it will be emptied on the next scheduled collection day on your calendar.

Can I put out extra garden waste?
No. All garden waste must be contained within the garden waste bin. We will not collect any waste which is not contained in the bin.

Can I put green waste in my domestic or recycling bins?
No. If you do, these bins can be refused collection.

What time do I need to present my bin by?
Your bin must be presented by 5.30am on collection days. It can be put out the night before if you wish.

What happens if my bin is not collected on the collection day?
It is your responsibility to ensure that the bin is presented by 5.30am on the morning of collection. We will only call back and empty bins which have been genuinely missed. You must inform us within three working days that the bin was missed and a return visit will be made within three working days. When bins are missed due to adverse weather conditions, they will be collected at the next feasible opportunity.

If I move house within the District what do I need to do? Can I take my bin with me?
If you move within the district let us know and we will transfer your collection to your new property. You will be issued with a new sticker for your bin at your new property and details of new collection days. If your new property does not have a green bin you may take your old one with you, otherwise you will be charged £27 for a new bin at your new property.

What do I do if my bin is damaged by the collection team?
If we damage your bin, you should contact us and we will provide you with a replacement bin free of charge.

What do I do if I damage my bin?
If you damage your own bin a new bin will cost £27, which includes delivery.

Will you collect my real Christmas trees?
Yes. We will collect Christmas trees from residents that subscribe to green waste service. This is limited to one tree per household and it must be an average size and not bigger than 6 ft. The tree should be left at the side of your bin on the first collection day shown on your calendar after the Christmas period or chopped up and placed in your bin.