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Moving Home

We provide a kerbside refuse and recycling collection service and a paid-for green waste collection service.

If you have moved into a property and there are no bins present, please use our Wheelie Bin Request (opens new window) form.*

If you are the first occupier of a newly built property please call Customer Services on 01507 601111 to request a set of bins.*

We will provide you with bins for domestic and recycling waste and access to a collection calendar for your property.

Bins are to be presented at the boundary of your property by 5.30am on the day of collection.

Help is available to anyone who is unable to put their refuse at the boundary of their property, and also for those who produce Healthcare Waste, have a family of five or more, and families who have two children (under the age of four years) in nappies.

*  Charges may apply.  Bins delivered will either be new or reconditioned.