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Planning Enforcement

We investigate all breaches of planning control where development has taken place before the necessary planning approval has been granted.

When development takes place without permission we have a full range of enforcement powers available to establish whether a breach of planning control has taken place, what harm is caused as a result of the breach and how to remedy the situation.

We normally negotiate compliance rather than pursue formal action. In cases where serious environmental damage or harm to the amenities of neighbouring residents is taking place, or where damage is being caused to listed buildings, we will use the full range of powers available.

Only when we have served formal enforcement or similar notices, all avenues of appeal have been exhausted and time periods for compliance have expired, does a use or development become illegal and a criminal offence.

The person against whom an enforcement notice is served has rights of appeal.

all planning enforcement inquiries, please call:

Jack Read - Planning Enforcement Technical Assistant

01507 613566 - 07713074341

Officer Contacts

Elaine Bruce - Planning Compliance Officer

01507 613178 - 07917116360

Richard Scott - Planning Enforcement Officer (Consultant)

01507 854411 -  07920560421

Abi Cole - Planning Enforcement Officer

01507 613567 - 07780223227

Ryan Dodd - Senior Enforcement Officer

01507  613160 - 07788328733

Gemma Clark  - Planning Enforcement Officer.

(Note: Working days are Monday to Wednesday)

01507 613554 - 07393250267

Dean Flower -Planning Enforcement Officer (Consultant)

01507 613561 - 07766161647

Jack Read - Planning Enforcement Technical Assistant

01507 613566 - 07713074341

Jo Parker - Service Manager Enforcement

01507 613555 - 07584 613322

Chloe Stones - Planning Enforcement Officer

(Note: Working days are Tuesday to Thursday)

01507 613556 - 07766363039