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Housing Benefit Appeals

What to do if you think your Housing Benefit decision is wrong.

Asking for us to reconsider the decision

If you want us to look at the decision again, you must get in touch with us, in writing, within one month of the date shown on your decision letter.

You can ask us for a detailed statement as to how we came to the decision as shown on the housing benefit decision letter.

You need to tell us what information is wrong and ask us to look at the decision again.

If there are special circumstances as to why you did not contact us within one month, please tell us.

We will inform you in writing of the outcome.

If you still think the decision is wrong you can appeal. Asking for a statement of reasons or for us to review you claim does not take away your right to submit a formal appeal.

Appealing against a Housing Benefit decision

If you have already asked for an explanation, or for us to look at the decision again, you can still appeal.

To appeal against a decision, you must write to us saying which decision you are appealing against and give your reasons. If we are unable to change the decision to your advantage, your appeal will be heard by an independent tribunal administered by the Tribunals Service.

Please remember that you must contact us in writing within one month of the date shown on the decision letter / reconsideration letter, or we may not be able to consider your appeal. An appeal may be considered outside this time limit if there are special circumstances, If so you must tell us what they are. Please note that there is an absolute time limit of 13 months from the date of the original decision.

Further information on this service

To find out more about the appeals process please go to  website.

If you want to appeal against a decision against your Council Tax Support, you need to follow the  Appeals procedure.  Council Tax Support appeals are dealt with by the Valuation Tribunal Service, which is a different independent body to the Tribunal Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can appeal against a Housing Benefit decision?

A person affected can appeal against a Housing Benefit decision.

This could be:

  • the person who has claimed Housing Benefit
  • the person that we decide to recover an overpayment from
  • someone acting as a receiver appointed by the Court of Protection
  • a person with power of attorney
  • a person appointed by the authority to act for the claimant

How long will I have to wait for a response?

We aim to provide a written explanation and reconsideration within one month of receiving the request.

We aim to submit Housing Benefit appeals to the Tribunal Service within one month of receiving the appeal. The Tribunal Service may take up to three months to contact you with a decision or a date for the Tribunal hearing.