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Guide for responsible dog owners

Most dog owners act responsibly, there are just a small minority who create a problem for others. Here are some tips on being a responsible dog owner.


  • Keep your dog on a lead at all times whilst on a public highway or while walking in designated 'Dogs on Lead' areas
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Make sure you know what is required of you by law as a dog owner
  • Make sure your dog has a collar and tag on at all times
  • Please think carefully before you give a home to a dog as they require a great deal of care and commitment and they can be expensive. The Dog Warden will be happy to give advice, supply telephone numbers of breeders, clubs, and rescue centres
  • Train your dog in basic obedience, a trained dog is a happy dog and will have a happy owner
  • Visit your vets for inoculations when needed and for treatment for worms and fleas. Your vet will give you advice on the best products to use
  • Microchip your dog. This may help to get your dog back if you lose it
  • Carry a bag in case your dog fouls
  • Call the Dog Warden if you find a stray dog (01507) 601111

Do Not

  • Allow your dog to foul in a public place without cleaning it up.
  • Allow your dog to stray
  • Allow your dog to run out of control in a public place
  • Ignore current Dog Control Orders. They are in place for everybody's safety, and to make East Lindsey a cleaner and better place to live and visit
  • Leave your dog at home for long periods - they may bark and upset your neighbour or become destructive
  • Leave your dog in a car unless you have no choice. If you have to leave it, ventilation and a supply of water are vital, and don't leave it for too long
  • Buy a puppy or dog as a present for someone unless you are sure that they are willing to take on the responsibility of looking after the pet