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I have received a summons

If payments have not been made, the Magistrates' court will send you a summons telling you the amount outstanding; including court costs and the hearing date.  If a summons is issued, additional costs will be payable.

What you should do if you receive a summons;

  • Pay the balance in full including the costs. Please see our payment page for ways to pay.
  • If you cannot pay in full, including the costs, before the court hearing, contact us to discuss an arrangement. We will still have to obtain the court order.
  • If you think the debt is wrong let us know straight away - do not wait until the court hearing.
  • You have the right to attend court and give evidence if you think the debt is incorrect.

What happens at the court hearing?

We will ask the court to issue a Liability Order against you. The court will not consider offers of payment - you have to discuss those with us. You have the right to attend Court and give evidence if you believe you are not liable to pay the debt.

If a Liability Order has been granted against you, please see Liability Order granted, what next?

To discuss repayment options, please call on 01507 601111, selecting Business Rates.

Independent advice

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