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Consultation and Notification

Publicity of planning applications

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the Council will be reducing the use of the yellow planning application site notices to fall in line with the statutory requirements. These are that only the following types of planning (listed building) applications will, in addition to neighbour letters, be publicised by a yellow site notice:

  • Applications that are for Major development
  • Applications in a Conservation Area (or affecting the character or appearance of)
  • Applications for Listed Building Consent or Ancient Monument Consent (or affecting the setting of)
  • Application under s.73 or a condition discharge application attached to a listed building consent
  • Applications that are EIA applications
  • Applications that are publicised as a Departure from the Development Plan
  • Applications that impact on a public right of way
  • Applications for works to trees the subject of a Tree Preservation Order
  • Applications under all categories of 'prior approval'

The arrangements for notifying adjoining neighbours will therefore continue as set out under the 'Telling the neighbours' heading below and are unaffected by this temporary change.

Please note for the duration of this temporary change the Council's Statement of Community Involvement November 2016, Part 2 Chapter 8 has been amended in all the relevant places by this change.

Telling the neighbours

The planning officer will also notify every neighbour that shares a boundary with the site. These neighbours will receive a letter from the planning department. The letter will explain the details of the application.

You have 21 days from the date the site notice was displayed to write in about an application. Neighbours also have 21 days from the date on the letter they get.

Alternatively you can enter your comments online by going to the Planning Applications page.

The Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 requires that any written correspondence must be made available for public inspection. It is not therefore possible to treat your comments in confidence and any correspondence, including names and addresses, will be open to both press and public and will be available on our website.  Please note anonymous letters are published on our website.  In the event of an appeal relating to an application, your comments may also appear on the Planning Portal website.

Amended plans

If we receive amended plans or information, we may need to re-consult people. This may involve notifying all of the neighbours again. For amended information we sometimes give a reduced time e.g. not less than 10 days to make any further comments they want.

To be proactive to reach solutions on applications where the principle of development is acceptable we will give 4 weeks only to seek amended details following consultation responses.
If the details are not received in that period the application will be progressed to determination.