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Planning Conditions

Planning permission is granted subject to conditions that must be complied with for the development to be lawful.

This will always include a standard time limit, usually specifying the time development must be started by, and a condition requiring the development be implemented in accordance with the approved plans. Additional conditions may be used, some of which may require details to be submitted and agreed in writing prior to a certain phase of development. The number of conditions on a permission can be reduced by submitting full details upfront with the application.

An application process is required to agree these details and the form can be found at the bottom of the page. There is a charge for each request to discharge a condition so all conditions can be dealt with in one go, resulting in a single fee, or they can be discharged individually, with the fee being applied each time. The charges are:

  • Householder (domestic) per discharge: £34
  • Any other condition per discharge: £116

Conditions must be necessary, related to planning, related to the development, precise, enforceable and reasonable. If you consider a condition that has been imposed does not meet these tests then you can make an appeal to the planning inspectorate.