Planning Conditions

A conditional approval requires certain things to be carried out in order for the development to be lawful.

A standard time limit is often added by condition, which usually gives 3 years to start building the development.  Conditions may be added to control the type of materials to be used, to control the use of a building, or to control who uses a building.

Avoiding conditions

It is important to note that when making a full application, it is a detailed application. In order to avoid lots of conditions being added, full details should be submitted at the time the application is made. This can include details about materials, design detail, drainage, protected species reports and other relevant information.

Conditions can be added for many things, however the condition must be reasonable and it must be enforceable. Central government sets out how conditions may be applied, in the Planning Practice Guidance. This is available from the communities website.

Fees for conditions

There is a charge made for the discharge of planning conditions.

  • Householder (domestic) per discharge: £34
  • Any other condition per discharge: £116

All conditions can be dealt with in one go - resulting in a single fee. Or they can be discharged individually, with the fee being applied each time.

You must submit a form with your fee to discharge conditions. You can download the form from our list of documents on this web page.