Pre-application Advice

You can get advice from a planning officer if you are thinking of making a planning application. This lets you find out whether we are likely to support your application, before you submit it.

What we need from you first

Before a planning officer will meet you on site we need a basic level of information from you. This helps the planning officer understand what it is you want to do before they meet you. The more information you submit the more detailed our response can be.

You can download a list of suggested things that might be relevant to your site. You should include a brief assessment of how each will affect your proposal and what you might do resolve any issues.

They can then research the history of the site and the relevant policies. The advice you then receive will be more detailed, more relevant to your proposal, and should give you more help with your planning application.

You should submit a Design and Access Statement for larger proposals.

Dealing with your enquiry

The planning officer will usually send you a letter that will tell you whether they think we are likely to support your application. They will also give you advice on what you can do to make your application better.

We aim to respond to every written enquiry in 15 working days but it can often take longer than 15 working days to respond in full. If this is the case we will get in touch with you to you to let you know.

We aim to provide a Development Team approach for important proposals that involve regeneration schemes, leisure projects, large housing sites, and commercial or industrial that provides wider community benefits. The team will give a single point of contact with all the different council services affecting the project. This will save you time, effort and money.

All advice given is informal officer opinion. A full planning application will involve wider scrutiny and consultation, which may show issues that were unknown before.

Chris Panton, Development Control Service Manager, talks about the advice we can offer: