Providing affordable housing

There are a number of different ways to deliver affordable housing in the District. The main ones are detailed below:

Planning obligations (Section 106)

We work with private developers to develop properties as part of their planning obligation. This is done using section 106 agreements.

As a general rule we will ask for a contribution towards the provision of social housing from developers. This happens on all housing sites of more 15 units or more (10 units or more in Horncastle as defined in the Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014-2029).

The table below shows the requirements as defined in the Draft East Lindsey Core Strategy 2016 - 2031

LocationPercentage of affordable homes to be provided.
Woodhall Spa40%
Coastal flood hazard areas0%
Remainder of the district30%

Exception Sites

There are only a few housing sites available in our small towns and villages. However, it is possible to build if a clear local housing need is established. Exceptions can be made to the normal village or town development boundary.

The planning conditions (Section 106 agreements) of any exception site will prioritise so that local people will be housed in the properties.

Single Plot Exceptions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

We recognise that affordable housing is not suitable for a large number of residents of the District. However, there are still a number of residents who aspire to become owner-occupiers but are unable to do so because of the high house prices combined with low income levels. This has led us to introduce a Single Plot Exceptions SPD. This positive planning policy enables people living in small rural settlements to build their own affordable home. The properties are restricted to local people and at less than market value (approximately 80%) to ensure that they remain affordable for residents of the village in future.

Community Led Housing Project

The Council has received £2.25M to enable the delivery of Community Led Housing in the district. We are currently working with local communities to deliver new affordable housing. More information on this project can be found here

Community Land Trusts (CLT)

A Community Land Trust is a nonprofit corporation that develops and owns affordable housing. They can also develop things like community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community.

"CLTs" balance the needs of individuals to access land and maintain security of tenure with a community's need to maintain affordability, economic diversity and local access to essential services.

East Midlands Community Led Housing (EMCLH) is a Community Interest Company who can provide advice, support and guidance to individuals and organisations who would like to set up a CLT in East Lindsey. EMCLH is a not for profit organisation.

For more details on the East Midlands CLH, they can be contacted on 01522 785288 or email East Midlands Community Led Housing