Alford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Alford Town Council agreed to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Town Council has set up at Steering Group to work on the plan.

The Steering Group is made up of council members, local residents and members from the local business community. The Steering Group is being advised and supported by our officers.


Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area

Alford Town Council applied to East Lindsey District Council to designate the parish of Alford as a Neighbourhood Area in April 2012, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012. In accordance with those regulations the matter was advertised but unfortunately no record of that advertisement is available. Therefore this advert is to comply with the regulations in ensuring that consultation is carried out on the area for designation.

If this designation is made no alternative plan may be designated for that Neighbourhood Area until that designation expires or is withdrawn.

Consultation on the proposed area designated will run from the 28th February to the 28th March 2018. You can comment by emailing the Local Plans Team at or send a response in writing to the address at the bottom of this advert.

The applications can be viewed along with an accompanying map with the proposed neighbourhood area outlined on the Councils website at


Submission Plan Consultation

The Alford Neighbourhood Plan Area application has been submitted for consultation. The conslutation ran for a 6 week period ending 26th September 2018 before being reviewed by an independant examiner.

Submissions Plan Consultation

Alford NDP Examination

The independent Inspector appointed to conduct the examination of the Alford Neighbourhood Development Plan is Peter D Biggers Bsc Hons Town Planning MRTPI AIHBC.

Alford NDP Examination