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Article 4 Directions and Local Development Orders

What is an Article 4 Direction?

An Article 4 Direction is a special planning regulation adopted by a local planning authority to provide additional powers of planning control in a particular location. An Article 4 Direction identifies by address and/or map(s) those (dwelling) houses that contribute to the appearance & character of the conservation area and the permitted development to be controlled.

Article 4 Directions do not restrict development altogether, but instead ensure that relevant development requires planning permission. A planning application for the proposal would need to be submitted that would then be determined in accordance with local plans and national policies, guidance and advice. 

Each direction is specific to a certain area and so the exact wording can cover different things. The direction must be agreed by the Secretary of State.

Things that can be controlled include:

  • changes to the shape, size, materials, of windows, doors and their openings
  • the addition of porches
  • alterations and additions to the roof.

Article 4 Directions cannot be applied retrospectively to development, which has already been carried out prior to the making of the direction.

What is a Local Development Order?

Local Development Orders are very flexible tools. The procedures for making a Local Development Order are set out in sections 61A to 61D and Schedule 4A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended and articles 34 and 37 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2010, as amended.

A local planning authority is able to impose planning conditions on a Local Development Order in much the same way as the Secretary of State can impose conditions on permitted development rights in the General Permitted Development Order. Some of the conditions imposed in a Local Development Order may be similar to conditions that may be imposed on a normal grant of planning permission.

Article 4 Directions and Local Development Orders in East Lindsey

Land at Former Douglas Electronics Industries Ltd, 55 Eastfield Road Louth Article 4 (PDF) [369KB] (opens new window)

Louth Article 4 Direction (PDF) [908KB] (opens new window)

Horncastle Article 4 Direction (PDF) [9MB] (opens new window)

Wainfleet Article 4 Direction (PDF) [32KB] (opens new window)

Old Bolingbroke Article 4 Direction (PDF) [979KB] (opens new window)

Legbourne Article 4 Direction (PDF) [378KB] (opens new window)

Woodhall Spa Article 4 Directions

There are leaflets available to download for Louth (PDF) [313KB] (opens new window)  and Wainfleet (PDF) [86KB] (opens new window) .

Local Development Orders in East Lindsey

Woodhall Spa Local Development Order


If you are planning to carry out works to buildings in a conservation area you should contact us first.