Beach Chalets

There are a number of privately owned beach chalets situated on our land at Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea

There are approximately 360 privately owned chalets in the Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea area. Chalet owners pay a licence fee to us to site their chalet on The Promenade.

These beach chalets are located at the seven sites detailed below:

  • South Promenade, Mablethorpe;
  • Bohemia Promenade, Sutton on Sea;
  • Central Promenade, Sutton on Sea;
  • South Promenade, Sutton on Sea;
  • Sandhurst Promenade, Sandilands;
  • Sandilands Promenade, Sandilands;
  • Golf Course Promenade, Sandilands;

The beach chalets at North Promenade, Sutton On Sea (also known as Trusthorpe Road chalets), are sited on private land.

All sites we wish to release are fully occupied, however when sites do become available, they are occasionally sold on the open market (usually through local Estate Agents). Owners of beach chalets on our sites are required to complete a 'transfer of beach chalet site licence' form upon the sale of their chalet for a transfer of the site licence to take place.

Beach Chalet Site Licence Fee

Owners of beach chalets on our sites need a site licence agreement and to pay a site licence fee. The chalet site licence fee from the 1 April 2017 is £125.00 + VAT per annum, which is payable in full on 1 April each year. Non Domestic Rates (NDR) are also payable on the chalet (beach chalet owners are also responsible for any water, electric or gas which may be installed at the premises).

Sand Clearance

There is sometimes an issue with wind blown sand along the coast, which affects the promenades and roads. We have provided you with some information  detailing how the sand is cleared, the priority areas, which organisations are responsible for the various areas and how you can help.

See related articles below for more details on sand clearance.