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Local Development Scheme

The Local Plan (LP) is the national system for spatial planning in England. It was previously called the Local Development Framework (LDF) but the name has now reverted back to Local Plan.

The East Lindsey LP will cover the whole of the district and will, eventually, replace the previous East Lindsey Local Plan. The updated  CD98 Local Development Scheme March 2016 (PDF) [6MB] (opens new window) sets out the different stages of producing a Local Plan and the anticipated time it will take to produce the Local Plan.

The policies in the adopted Local Plan 1995 (alteration 1999) are "saved" from when the 2004 Planning Act introduced a new planning system (28th September 2004).

The LP is made up of a number of documents. These documents can take a number of forms and each Council can choose the range of documents that best suits its local area and issues.

Supplementary Planning Documents are used to further explain and implement policy and provide a greater level of guidance on individual topics or sites; they should only be used to promote more growth in an area.