Housing Health and Safety Rating System

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is the method of assessing potential risks to health and safety in private sector accommodation.

The HHSRS identifies 29 potential housing related hazards.

When assessing a property for HHSRS we will carry out a survey of the premises to collect evidence of its condition.

We will decide:

  • The likelihood of something happening to harm the occupiers
  • The possible outcomes of such an occurrence, such as injury or long term ill health
  • How it will affect the most vulnerable people

Each hazard will be considered and given a numerical score.

Hazard scores

Over 1000 points  - Category 1 Hazard

  • We have a duty to take action to remove or decrease the risk from the Hazard

Under 1000 points - Category 2 Hazard

  • Less serious than category 1, we still have the power to take any action deemed necessary

Gas safety

If you have Gas appliances in your property, the landlord must have them serviced and tested by a qualified person every 12 months and obtain a Certificate to prove that the appliances are safe to use.

Locally Adopted Standards

Some work requirements have been adopted by the Housing Standards Department and can be viewed within the following document. Icon for pdf Locally Adopted Standards [386.95KB]