Proposed Main Modifications Consultation

East Lindsey Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications (2017) Consultation 5th January to 5:30pm 16th February 2018.

East Lindsey District Council's Local Plan (the plan) was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination on the 18th April 2017. Planning Inspectors Jeremy Youle BA (HONS) MA MRTPI and Louise Phillips MA MSc MRTPI were appointed to undertake the examination with the public hearing sessions held between the 12th July and the 4th of October 2017.

As part of the examination process a number of proposed Main Modifications have been identified. A Main Modification is an amendment which is considered necessary to make the Plan sound, and is required in order to address concerns raised by either the Inspectors or other representors during the examination process.

The Council has prepared a schedule setting out the proposed Main Modifications it considers necessary in order for the Local Plan to be found sound. This document, along with a document showing proposed changes from the maps in the submission Core Strategy and Sites in the Settlement Proposals DPD, an updated Sustainability Appraisal Report and Habitats Regulations Assessment have now been published for public consultation.

Please note that at this stage representations will only be accepted on the Proposed Main Modifications set out in the Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications to the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan (2017) and the proposed map changes received within the consultation period. This is not an opportunity to re-state previous representations, as these have already been considered by the Inspector as part of the examination, or to raise new objections to the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan or to seek further changes to it. For example: seeking the inclusion or omission of a site in the Plan other than those identified in the Proposed Main Modifications.

This consultation runs from the 5th of January to 5:30pm on the 16th of February 2018.

The following documents form part of this consultation:

All duly made representations will be recorded and made available to view on the Local Plan Consultation Portal as well as being sent via the Programme Officer to the Inspectors for consideration. The Inspector anticipates that all issues arising from this consultation on the Proposed Main Modifications will be considered through the written representations procedure. Exceptionally, however the Inspector may decide it is necessary to hold an additional hearing session of sessions in order to resolve or clarify any outstanding issues.

Other amended documents which are not modifications to be commented on as part of this consultation but have informed various Main Modifications are listed below:

Below are the responses recieved in relation to the Local Plan Main Modification Consultation.

MM01                                                            MM04

MM05                                                            MM06

MM07                                                            MM08

MM09                                                            MM11

MM13                                                            MM14

MM16                                                            MM17

MM18                                                            MM19

MM23                                                            MM24

MM25                                                            MM27

MM28                                                            MM30

MM31                                                            MM35

MM38                                                            MM39

MM45                                                            MM46

MM47                                                            MM49

MM52                                                            MM53

MM54                                                            CS1

CS2                                                                 CS5

SP3                                                                 SP20

SP24                                                               SP25

SP32                                                               SP33

SP35                                                               Other Comments

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