Sand Bags

We will supply un-filled sandbags as an emergency measure in certain circumstances.

Householders are advised not to rely on us being able to respond to all needs in an emergency. It would therefore be prudent to reflect upon measures that can be taken now to prepare for potential flooding in the future.

Removable Flood Boards are a significantly more effective and convenient means of preventing water entry to doors and air bricks, and can be fitted by any reputable local builder.

Filled sandbags in quantities to suit most requirements can be purchased from Builders Merchants who will deliver them.

Empty Sandbags - As a non-emergency service, we offers these for sale at cost price (30p each) from our Customer Access Points. These bags are light and easy to carry and store for future use. Sand to fill them may be purchased at low cost from builders merchants, or garden soil may be used in an emergency. Empty bags last longer with proper storage as they do not suffer from rot caused by leaving them filled with damp sand.