Street Naming

Please note East Lindsey District Council charge for the provision of the Street Naming Service

Lincs Building Consultancy is responsible for the naming and numbering of all streets within the district on our behalf.

Street naming and numbering is a statutory function and the powers for local authorities are contained in Sections 64 and 65 of the Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847, and Sections 17 and 18 of the Public Health Act of 1925. This legislation requires the council to prepare street naming and numbering schemes and to maintain a good standard of street nameplates.

Section 64 of the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 gives the council the power to insist that the name of every street to be shown in a conspicuous position, and to alter or renew it if it becomes illegible. It also makes it illegal to pull down a street name which has been lawfully set up.

Links to the street naming and numbering procedure and application form can be found below.

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