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Welcome to the Lincs Building Consultancy web pages. We deliver the Building Control service for East Lindsey District Council.

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Building Control ensures that newly constructed and altered buildings meet the Building Regulations minimum standards in the following areas: 

  • Health & Safety 
  • Access & Facilities For All
  • Conservation Of Fuel & Power

Building Regulations requirements are divided into 15 distinct parts, i.e. part A (Structure) through to part R (Physical infrastructure for high speed communications networks) and guidance to help you comply is available as publications known as Approved Documents. Regulations in relation to structure, fire safety and access to and use of buildings are particularly complex, and it is advisable to seek advice at an early stage.

Our service does not provide a guarantee of compliance or a quality control check, even where we have issued a decision notice, inspected work and issued a completion certificate. Our involvement does not remove the responsibility of the person undertaking the work and the building owner in meeting the requirements of the regulations.

Building Regulation applications are processed by Lincs Building Consultancy. The main functions of the service are as follows:

  • Ensuring Building Regulation compliance is achieved

  • Providing help and advice to customers regarding Building Regulations

  • Providing help and advice on exempt buildings

  • Providing help and advice on dangerous structures, and issuing appropriate notices

  • Taking action in respect of demolition work and issuing appropriate notices

  • Carrying out the street naming and numbering service for the District.

Please note that Building Control only deals with the construction aspect and in some circumstances you will need to gain separate Planning permission for your proposal.

If you are considering any sort of building work or alterations then contact us for free friendly advice.

Phone: 08707 551696

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