House Naming and Numbering

Please Note East Lindsey District Council charge for the provision of the House Naming and Numbering service.

The registration of a property is becoming an increasingly important issue. More and more organisations, including postal and emergency services, as well as the general public, need a quick and easy way of locating and referencing properties. If your property name is not registered with us you may experience problems in obtaining goods and services, such as applying for a credit card or goods bought by mail order.

Also the unregistered address will not appear on the Royal Mail's main database which is purchased by other organisations which may then assume that the property does not exist.

To check your property is on the Royal Mail's database, visit the Royal Mail's postcode finder using the link below.

If your property has a name and not a postal number and you wish to change the name, you need to obtain approval from us.  We will check to ensure that there is not another property known by your chosen name in the same road, postcode or vicinity, as this can cause problems for the emergency services in locating the property.

We are the Street Naming and Numbering authority for the district and carry out this statutory duty under the provisions of the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847.

If you would like to change the name of your house, either complete a house naming form or contact us on 01507 613188/ 613193.

If your chosen name is not acceptable after consulting with Royal Mail, we will ask you for an alternative. Once your name is approved, you will be contacted in writing and sent a list of Statutory Bodies (presently the District Valuer and Valuation Officer, the East Midlands Ambulance Service and Lincolnshire Police Headquarters) who will need to be notified of the change.

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