Executive Board and responsibilities

The Executive Board is the principal decision making body of the Council. The Leader of the Council is Chairman of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board is made up of the Leader of Council and Executive Councillors, each with a specific area of responsibility (called a 'Portfolio'). 

Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Corporate Affairs - Cllr Craig Leyland
Responsibilities: Corporate Plan and Strategy, Council Transformation, Performance Management, Communications and Media, Consultation, Links with County and Town and Parish Councils; Democratic Services and Elections, Chief Executive's Department and Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Partnerships - Cllr Graham Marsh
Responsibilities: Compass Point Business Services, Magna Vitae, Legal and Procurement Services, Community Safety, Health Community, Voluntary Sector and Outside Bodies.

Portfolio Holder for Market Towns and Rural Economy - Cllr Adam Grist
Responsibilities: Business Interaction and Engagement, Inland Visitor Economy, Markets, Rural Development Fund, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Play/Young People.

Portfolio Holder for Coastal Economy - Cllr Steve Kirk
Responsibilities: Coastal Visitor Economy, Business Interaction and Engagement, Employment and Skills, Coastal Flood and Water Management and Beach Safety.

Portfolio Holder for Operational Services - Cllr Sandra Harrison
Responsibilities: Waste Services, Neighbourhoods/Street Scene, Car Parking, Environmental Health, Cleansing, Emergency Planning, Health and Safety.

Portfolio Holder for Finance - Cllr Richard Fry
Responsibilities: Council Budget, Medium Term Financial Strategy, Property/Asset Management, Risk Management, Investment Strategy, Internal Audit and Licensing.

Portfolio Holder for Communities - Cllr Wendy Bowkett
Responsibilities: Housing Delivery, Housing Standards and Empty Homes, Disabled Facilities Grants, Wellbeing Service, Community and Councillor Grants, Safeguarding.

Portfolio Holder for Planning - Cllr Tom Ashton
Responsibilities: Planning Policy, Development Control, Enforcement (Planning and Environment), Conservation, Building Control.

Portfolio Holder for Better Ageing - Cllr William Gray
Responsibilities: To support the Council to best meet the needs of the district's ageing population.