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Housing Benefit Advice For Landlords

Your tenants could get Housing Benefit if you charge them rent and they are on a low income. Housing Benefit can pay for all or part of their rent. The amount they will get depends on their income and circumstances. PLEASE NOTE Universal Credit will replace Housing Benefit for some people. You may need to check what benefits your tenant is in receipt of.

What is the maximum Housing Benefit my tenants could get?

For private tenants, the maximum Housing Benefit payable is normally calculated using the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate for the area and the number of bedrooms your tenant needs.

Please click here for the  rates Local Housing Allowance rates.

How do my tenants claim Housing Benefit?

Tenants can claim benefit in one of the following ways

What is a Discretionary Housing Payment?

Discretionary Housing Payments are extra payments towards rent costs, for those in receipt of Housing Benefit, or in some cases Universal Credit.

If a tenant's Housing Benefit, or Housing element of Universal Credit,  is less than the full amount of rent that they pay they may be eligible to claim one.

To request a form please contact us on: 01507 601111 or download Discretionary Housing Payment Claim form V7 21 (PDF) [159KB]

Can I be paid direct?

Housing benefit will almost always be paid to the tenant. It is their responsibility to pay you their rent. Payment may be made to you if we decide that the tenant is

  • Likely to have difficulty managing their money
  • Unlikely to pay their rent
  • We consider that paying you will assist your tenant is securing or retaining the property

If the above applies, please contact us on: 01507 609333

What can I do if my tenant is in rent arrears?

If your tenant owes rent for eight weeks or more, we can pay you Housing Benefit direct. If the above applies please contact us on: 01507 329199 and ask for a request for direct payment form.

What happens if my tenant's circumstances change?

You should tell us straightaway in writing if any of your tenant's circumstances change. Typical examples of changes are

  • If they change address
  • If their rent changes
  • If the number of people in the household change
  • If their income changes

If you need to contact us please call us on: 01507 609333 or email