Caravan Park Watch

The Caravan Park Watch group was set up in 2014 to tackle caravan related crime across our area. We are proudly supporting this initiative.

Caravan Park Watch Logo

Caravan site owners, site managers,  Lincolnshire Police and other representatives from the caravan industry, including insurance companies, Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue and our Site Licensing team meet regularly to discuss caravan related issues.

The initiative was set up initially to tackle a growing number of burglaries occurring on holiday parks, especially during the winter close down period.

Information Sharing Agreements have been signed by site owners to enable Lincolnshire Police to share intelligence in relation to crime trends and individuals suspected of caravan crime. Tips and advice are provided to enable site owners to remain vigilant against potential incidents.

Since the Caravan Park Watch scheme was implemented in 2014, caravan related crime rates in the area have dropped by over 45%. The scheme is the first of it's kind and the significant drop in crime levels has encouraged other coastal Police force areas to consider implementing similar schemes across the country.

Members of the CPW panel are working to educate visitors in keeping their belongings safe & secure whilst on holiday.

Site owners are ensuring that their residents take any valuables home with them at the end of the season when the park closes down. Stickers have been provided to caravan owners to display in their caravan to confirm that all valuables including televisions, have been removed from vans.

UV pens to mark valuables have been distributed to Caravan Park Watch member sites, so that TVs or other items can be tracked and linked to specific sites allowing Lincolnshire Police a higher rate of conviction where evidence can be found.

If you are a caravan site owner or work within the caravan sector and would like to join the Caravan Park Watch scheme, please contact the Caravan Site Licensing Team for more information via email at or by telephone on 01507 613551.