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Enforcement Agents

If you fail to pay or do not make a payment arrangement, we can ask an Enforcement Agent to collect the Council Tax debt for us.

We will always write to warn you that your account will be passed to an Enforcement Agent and advise you of their charges. When a debt is referred, you will be charged a £75 fee.

  • Enforcement Agents may consider giving you time to pay, but you must agree to a satisfactory arrangement;
  • If the Enforcement Agent allows you time to pay you will enter into a controlled goods agreement;
  • This means they will make a list of goods in your house up to the value of the debt and their costs;
  • You will have to sign the agreement and there will be additional fees to pay;
  • If you break the arrangement, the Enforcement Agent will re-enter your property to remove those goods.

If your debt has been passed to an Enforcement Agent, please contact them directly to discuss payment.  We  use the following Enforcement Agent firms - please check your documentation to confirm who your debt has been passed to:

  • Rossendales: 0844 701 3900
  • Jacobs: 0151 650 4800
  • Bristow and Sutor: 0871 677 0070

For advice on Enforcement Agents and the action they can take, visit  GOV.UK

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