Light Pollution

Certain types of artificial light, if improperly sited or used, could give rise to Statutory Nuisance.

Artificial light is essential in our modern society. However, the increased use of lighting can cause problems. Light in the wrong place at the wrong time can be intrusive, for example a poorly angled security light that shines into a neighbours property.

Sky glow is the orange glow seen over towns and roads from upward light. This is a serious problem for astronomers as the artificial brightness of the sky overpowers distant stars, especially those low in the night sky.

We are receiving more complaints each year about lighting, mainly from poorly angled security lights that annoy people living in neighbouring or nearby properties. Before you install lighting please consider:-

  • Is it really needed?

  • Does the light need to be on all night?

  • What level of lighting is required?

  • The correct alignment of security lights?

Remember, when installing a lighting system, the minimum level of illumination necessary to light a property should be used.

There are exemptions to Statutory Nuisance legislation; the following sources of artificial light cannot be treated as Statutory Nuisance:-

  • Airports.

  • Harbours.

  • Railway premises.

  • Tramway premises.

  • Bus stations and associated facilities.

  • Public service vehicle operating centres.

  • Goods vehicle operating centres.

  • Lighthouses.

  • Prisons.

  • Premises occupied for Defence purposes.

These premises are deemed to require high levels of light for safety and security reasons. The most common source of complaint is domestic security lights. If you are being disturbed by your neighbours lighting, we would encourage you to speak to your neighbour first where possible. Many cases of artificial light pollution can be solved through simple measures and consideration of function and effect.

New developments

The best method of dealing with light pollution is at the planning stage. This is an ideal time to influence the design or installation of lighting schemes. If you are bothered by light, try approaching your neighbour to discuss the problem and come to a solution.