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Environmental Protection

East Lindsey District Council's Environmental Protection (EP) Team investigate and take necessary action to protect people and the environmental from pollution and certain statutory nuisance.

The Environment Agency deal with pollution to water sources and can be contacted on 03708 506506 Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm or to report a serious pollution incident their 24 hour helpline is 0800 807060.

As a rural area, many properties in East Lindsey cannot easily connect to the mains supply and a private supply is their only option for water. Private water supplies can range from boreholes to Wells and Springs. In other cases, the availability of groundwater is a cost effective way to obtain water.
We can investigate noise nuisance complaints ranging from amplified music and car alarms to bird scarers and construction sites.
Most of us are troubled by unpleasant smells at some time. If the smell does not go on for a prolonged period or is not too unpleasant we can usually cope.
Bird Flu or Avian Influenza has been found in wild birds recently. As a result of this an Avian Influenza Protection Zone is now in force which applies to everyone who keeps birds or poultry.
Certain types of artificial light, if improperly sited or used, could give rise to Statutory Nuisance.
Smoke from burning can cause a Statutory Nuisance if not conducted responsibly and can ultimately result in court action and fines.
We are responsible for registering two types of exempt waste operations, these are T3 and T7 activities.
Exhumation is the removal from the ground of the remains of a human being, either in the form of a body or cremated remains.
Prevent the spread of harmful weeds and invasive, non-native plants that can harm livestock and the environment.
Contaminated Land occurs where substances in, or under, the land mean that it is actually or potentially hazardous to human health or the environment.
Under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 we can be asked to make arrangements for the burial or cremation of a person who has no family or other person who can undertake such arrangements.
We can provide help and advice on foul and surface water drainage from single and multiple properties, including problem septic tanks, cesspits, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants.
Good air quality is essential for our health and the environment. Air becomes polluted when it contains substances that can have a harmful effect on the environment and / or our health. The Air Quality in East Lindsey is generally good lets keep it that way.
In most cases disturbance from construction sites is relatively short lived and will end as soon as the construction phase is completed, but we can help if the disturbance is severe.
We are responsible for two pollution control regulatory regimes under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.
We do not offer a pest control service. If you require this service please check the Yellow Pages or local press for details of suitable local companies.
People visiting a beach will want to use the water for a variety of activities and want to do this in the knowledge that it will not have a bad impact on their health.