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Noise Pollution

We can investigate noise nuisance complaints ranging from amplified music and car alarms to bird scarers and construction sites.

Everyone is capable of making noise when they go about their daily business. People can be affected by different types of noise in various ways. What may cause distress and irritation to one person may not bother someone else.

Noise is often defined as unwanted sound. It can cause annoyance and stress to many people. If noise is loud enough it can even damage hearing and cause deafness.


We can investigate:

  • Noise from neighbours.

  • Amplified music at pubs and clubs.

  • Bird Scarers (Gas Guns).

  • Burglar alarms.

  • Car alarms.

  • Construction site noise.

  • Industrial noise.

Some types of noise cannot be investigated by us.

Examples include:

  • Noise from Cars/Vehicles on a public road.

  • Noise from civil aircraft - Civil Aviation Authority.

  • Noise from military aircraft - Ministry of Defence.

How to Report a Noise Problem

Make a note of where the noise is coming from and report it via our online form so we can investigate.