Missed Collection

Bin collections in parts of East Lindsey that did not take place w/c January 25 will now take place w/c February 1.
A number of our waste crews are now either self‐isolating or poorly due to Covid‐19.
Icon for pdf Here's a list of areas affected [118.44KB]
Those properties affected by the disruption can present any accumulated side waste in black refuse sacks alongside their black household bins on their next scheduled black bin collection.
Normal collections will resume w/c February 8 as per your waste collection calendar.
Here is a link to the recent news release Further changes to bin collections in parts of East Lindsey due to Covid-19

Note: Green Waste collections are operating as normal throughout the district currently.


If your bin or sack has been missed by our collection crew after being correctly presented it must be reported to us either in person or by ringing Customer Services on 01507 601111 within 3 working days so that we can return to collect the waste.

Missed collections must be reported within 3 working days of the normal collection day. CCTV footage will be viewed to establish whether the bin was presented at the appropriate collection time. We will not return if the footage shows that the bin was not out. Providing that your waste was presented correctly, we will call back within 3 working days (not including the day of the missed bin being reported to collect the waste).

If collections are missed due to bad weather, every effort will be made to empty the bins within one week of their scheduled collection day.

Return visits will not be made if your bins or sacks have not been presented correctly. You will either have to wait for your next scheduled collection or make your own arrangements to empty the bins or dispose of the sacks. This includes green bins when householders have opted into the garden green waste service.

If your bin is not presented for collection or if your bin does not contain the correct type of waste, it will be recorded on the "in cab system" in the collection vehicle.

If a bin has been recorded on the "in cab system" by the collection crews, responsibility for disposal of that waste will become that of the householder and the Council will not return to collect that bin.