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Refuse and Recycling Service

This is an overview of the service. We collect refuse and recycling waste fortnightly from all homes across the District.

For the collection of your black bin (or purple sacks),  your grey bin (or grey sacks) and your purple-lidded bin to take place, please follow these rules:

  • Present bins or sacks at the edge of your property by 5:30am on your collection day
  • Your bin will not be emptied if you have put the wrong materials in it
  • We will not collect waste from the side of any of your bins
  • Ensure that your bin lid is closed as we will not remove additional waste that forces the bin open and your bin will not be emptied

Waste That Can Be Put In Bins

Items We Don't Collect

We do not collect the following items: asbestos, electrical equipment, fluorescent light tubes, unwanted fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, bleaches, detergents and general cleaning chemicals, paint, ink cartridges and batteries. They should be taken to your local County Council Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Bins Not Fully Emptied

All wheeled bins are emptied mechanically into the waste collection vehicle. It is the householder's responsibility to ensure that waste is not overly compacted or frozen in the wheeled bin to ensure that the waste falls out into the vehicle.

Any waste that does not fall out of the bin must be loosened by the householder and will be emptied on the next scheduled collection.

Heavy Bins

Your bin will be rejected and stickered as "too heavy" if it weighs over 80kgs, which is the maximum permitted by the mechanical bin lifting equipment on our vehicles.  Householders will have to make alternative arrangements for removal of their waste in such circumstances.

Blocked Access

If we are unable to access a road due to road works or parked vehicles, we will not call back again until the next scheduled collection day.

Sack Collections

Sacks are provided to residents who qualify under certain circumstances. If you feel you need sacks instead of wheeled bins please call our customer services on 01507 601111. One of our Monitoring Officers will arrange a visit to determine if sacks are required.

If you are one of our residents on sacks you will be provided with 6 rolls of purple sacks for your domestic (black) waste and 8 rolls of grey sacks for your recycling waste. This equates to 3 purple sacks  per fortnight and 8 grey sacks 4-weekly and will be delivered to you once a year around November.

Christmas and New Year Collections

Some properties may have different collection days over the Christmas and New Year period. The details can be found on the Waste Collection Post Code Finder. If bins or sacks are not presented on the revised days, residents will either have to wait for their next scheduled collection or make their own arrangements to empty the bins. Garden green waste collections are suspended over the two week Christmas and New Year period.

Christmas Tree Collection for Green Waste Subscribers

Residents who subscribe to our Green Waste Service can put their Christmas tree out for collection.

Trees should be left at the side of the green bin on your first green waste collection day after Christmas. The Council will collect one real tree per household, up to 6ft in height and 10cm trunk diameter.

Compost Bins

You can purchase home composters at a reduced price through a Lincolnshire-wide scheme. Information can be found in the  Home Composters leaflet 2014 (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window) , on the LCC website or by calling 0844 571 4444.

Commercial Waste

We do not provide a commercial waste collection service in-house. Commercial waste collections can be provided by a number of private companies that can be found on the internet. If you have difficulty finding a suitable company to remove your commercial waste, please contact Waste Services on 01507 601111.