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Paul Edwards, Head of Planning.

We deal with most types of planning applications, from validation to decision. However, a small number are dealt with by Lincolnshire County Council, including mining and waste applications and those which relate to schools.
Here you'll find links to forms, fees and information relating to making a planning application:
You can get advice from a planning officer if you are thinking of making a planning application. This lets you find out whether we are likely to support your application, before you submit it.
The public are welcome to sit and watch the Planning Committee, however they must not speak or disrupt the meeting.
Planning permission is granted subject to conditions that must be complied with for the development to be lawful.
Here you can find information about works you can do to your house or within the curtilage of your house.
Offshore and Onshore elements
Section 106 (S106) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 allows a local planning authority (LPA) to enter into a legally-binding agreement or planning obligation with a landowner in association with the granting of planning permission. The obligation is termed a Section 106 Agreement.
Here you'll find pages relating to all planning notices we've issued in the last six months
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local planning authorities to identify and keep an up-to-date deliverable five year housing land supply.