Landlord Information and Advice

Landlord Insurance

The correct level of insurance is essential for anyone renting out their property. It is recommended that you also encourage your tenant to take out contents insurance.

Tenancy Deposit Schemes

There are strict guidelines for landlords who accept a cash deposit and there are penalties if this has not been registered in the correct manner.  Please note this does not apply to paper bonds.

Rent Assist Scheme

We may be able to assist new tenants through the Rent Assist Scheme which is a loan towards rent in advance and in some cases can include a written paper bond. The Housing Advice team must be contacted by the prospective tenant before entering into any formal arrangements to see if they are eligible for the scheme. 

Housing Support

'P3' can provide floating support to tenants who are having difficulty maintaining their tenancy. Alternatively, some tenants may be eligible for the Wellbeing service through East Lindsey District Council.

Housing Standards

If you require any advice or guidance to ensure your property is up to standard and safe you can discuss this with one of our Housing Standards Officers.

Our Housing Advice Team are here to help if you have any queries