There will be no charge if your property falls into one of these exemption classes.

Some of these exemptions apply for a limited time. Some only apply on unoccupied properties. 

If the exemption has a time limit, you will pay a full charge after the exemption ends. Time limits run from when the circumstances of the exemption first applied, and do not re-start if the property changes hands.

Applying for an exemption: To ensure the criteria is met, we will need to discuss the full circumstances with you for the majority of exemptions, however some require an application form to be completed. Contact us at local.tax@e-lindsey.gov.uk or call 01507 601111 select Council Tax, then hold the line to speak with an advisor.

If you qualify for an exemption you must tell us within 21 days if there is a change that might affect it. We can impose a £70 penalty if you do not tell us about a change.

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